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Does An Extended Auto Warranty Cover Overheating?


When you are choosing an extended auto warranty program is important to look through the various exclusions of the policy you are purchasing. Most reputable auto warranty providersmake their inclusions and exclusions clear and concise and have no mixed wording to confuse a repair shop or customer. However, some of the shadier companies out there, typically without a direct underwriter to get out of many different claim situations.

Does Your Warranty Include Wear & Tear Coverage?


When purchasing extended coverage for your vehicle is important to understand what the coverage does and does not cover. One of the main items that some “shady” companies will exclude from coverage is breakdowns of covered parts that have failed due to wear & tear. A wear & tear failure is a breakdown of the part has not completely failed but is no longer working the way the manufacturer intended to. This means that if a covered part has not completely failed, but is beginning to fail but has not stopped working completely or broken into pieces they would exclude it from their coverage.

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  • Extended Car Warranty, How To Choose The Right Plan…

    Things To Keep In Mind About New Car Warranties


    A warranty is a guarantee made by a seller to a consumer for a product being sold. When the warranty is for a vehicle, it is a contract that provides coverage for replacement and repair costs for certain parts of the vehicle for a specific amount of time.

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  • Avoid A Fraudulent Car Warranty


    Buying a car warranty may be risky if you are unaware of the rules and regulations of the warranty. It is smart for car owners to hire a professional car consultant who can assist them by guiding them through the whole purchase process of the car warranty. If the car owner chooses to purchase the car warranty without any help, they are more vulnerable to buying a fraudulent warranty.

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  • An Auto Warranty Can Save You Money When You Perform Maintenance On Your Vehicle


    Routine service and maintenance helps keep your vehicle running in the best shape possible. If your vehicle runs correctly, it will help your vehicle perform better in harsh driving conditions. An auto warranty will allow you to save money on repairs and maintenance that are performed on your vehicle. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow in order to keep your car running correctly:

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  • Get An Aftermarket Auto Warranty The Covers Wear And Tear


    People usually purchase an aftermarket auto warranty or an extended auto warranty for their cars when their factory warranty is up. When you purchase an aftermarket auto warranty, you warranty provider will cover the costs of bills for replacement and repair of certain parts of your car. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning on buying an aftermarket auto warranty:

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