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Exotic Auto Warranties

Auto Advantage Inc. is one of the few “reputable” providers offering a full array of coverage for High Line Luxury and Exotic Vehicles such as Maserati warranties, Aston Martin warranties, Bentley warranties, Rolls-Royce warranties, Ferrari warranties, Lamborghini warranties, etc.. We specialize in providing the most comprehensive coverage options available in the luxury and exotic auto warranty market. There are options ranging from basic major component, high-tech component, and exclusionary bumper-to-bumper coverage.

Major Component Plus Coverage

ENGINE: Cylinder Block and cylinder heads, oil pump, timing drive gears, camshaft, valve train, intake and exhaust manifolds. 

TRANSMISSION: Transmission case and all internal parts requiring lubrication. Torque converter and torque converter housing. 
DRIVE AXLE: Primary Drive Axle and all internally lubricated parts, Universal joints and CV joints, drive shaft(s), yokes, and drive shaft carrier, 4-wheel drive transfer case and all internally lubricated parts. 
ELECTRICAL: Starter motor and solenoid, starter relay, alternator, voltage regulator. 

COOLING: Water pump. Radiator fan, electric radiator fan motor. 
STEERING: Steering box and steering rack & pinion, all internally lubricated parts, power steering pump, power steering cooler. 
AIR CONDITIONING: Compressor, condenser, receiver dryer, and accumulator. 
BRAKES: All hydraulic brake system components and wheel cylinders. ABS: Electronic control processor, pressure modulator valve, isolation dump valve, wheel speed sensors, hydraulic pump/motor assembly, accumulator. 

SUSPENSION: Spindle, coil and leaf springs only if cracked or broken.

High-Tech Component Coverage

ENGINE: Cylinder block; heads; intake manifold; timing gear; timing gear cover; flywheel; oil pump; oil pump housing; water pump; harmonic balancer; valve covers; oil pan; crankshaft; valve train; crankshaft seals; connecting rod. 

TRANSMISSION/TRANSAXLE: Case; Torque converter; vacuum modulator; input/output shafts; bands; governor; washers. Front-Wheel Drive: Final drive housing; axle shaft; axle shaft; constant velocity joints; axle housing; axle supports; front hub; differential. Rear-Wheel Drive: Axle shafts and axle shaft; axle housing; propeller shafts; U joints; locking hubs; rear axle hub; differential side; pinion gears; disc limited slip. 
FUEL SYSTEM: Fuel pump; EFI sensors; throttle body assembly; injection pump; lines; vacuum pump. 
BRAKE SYSTEM: Master cylinder; assist booster; combination valve; hydraulic lines & wheel cylinders; retainers. 
SUSPENSION ASSEMBLY: Kingpins; spindle supports; stabilizer shaft.
STEERING SYSTEM: Power steering gear, power steering pump, steering gear housing. 
AIR CONDITIONING: Compressor; condenser; evaporator.
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Alternator; voltage regulator; starter motor; electronic ignition module; distributor; windshield wiper motor; washer pump; cruise control module; fan motor; heater blower motor; antenna; electrical door and trunk locks; electronic drive display; rear window heat element; electronic level control compressor and its sensor valve. 
COOLING SYSTEM: Fan; coolant system modulator; radiator; radiator fan; temperature sensors. 
EMISSIONS COMPONENTS: Electronic control module; calibrator prom; manifold pressure sensor; oxygen sensor; throttle position sensor; idle air control valve; crank sensor; exhaust gas recirculation valve.

Exclusionary Bumper-to-Bumper

Exclusionary Bumper-to-Bumper coverage is the most comprehensive program offered. We suggest Exclusionary Bumper to Bumper to those individuals who want maximum protection for their vehicle. This program covers virtually every component on your vehicle. The only exclusions are items listed in the “What Is Not Covered” section of the contract. Exclusionary Bumper to Bumper Coverage provides Mechanical Break-down coverage for repairs/replacements of ALL original equipment, manufacturers factory installed mechanical and electrical operating parts and assemblies on the covered vehicle, Except:

All maintenance service and items such as alignments, wheel balances, engine tune-ups, battery, light bulbs spark/glow plugs, plug wires, brake pads, linings & shoes, brake rotor/drums, filters, lubricants, coolants, hoses, shock absorbers, belts. Clutch and related components; distributor cap/rotor; tires/wheels; air bag/supplemental restraint systems; exhaust system; timing chain; a/c recharging; compression loss through gradual failure or rings and valves; and non-factory installed components.


* All coverage listed above are examples only. Exact coverage may vary depending on your vehicle. Please refer to the actual service contract for specific details.